October 31, 2016



When carving your Jack-o-Lantern this Halloween, don’t toss away Jack’s internal organs!  Pumpkin guts can be put to use on your face and the seeds make a delicious heart, healthy snack! A pumpkin face mask will help cleanse your skin of any make-up you may apply with your costume.

Pumpkin pulp is the base of our homemade face cleanser, paired with apple cider vinegar and honey. After gutting your pumpkin, set aside the pulp to be whisked with 1-2 tablespoons of honey and 1 cup of raw apple cider vinegar. In addition to spicing up our coffee drinks and pumping our pies full of autumn flavor, the pumpkin squash is loaded with zinc, antioxidants and vitamins that are not only superb for your heart but when applied to our skin, the pumpkin can protect us from age spots and the development of wrinkles. Honey is a natural emollient and lock in moisture it also helps in preventing breakouts with all of those antioxidants while ACV simultaneously absorbs excess oil and breaks up dirt and makeup!

Don’t forget those seeds! Picking out the pumpkin seeds is like picking sea shells from a kelp forest. Once you’ve compiled a bowl full of slimy savories, wash them in hot water and set them to dry (or pat gently with a towel). 

Mix together 3 spoonfuls of vanilla extract (add more if you prefer super sweetness), carefully dusted with cinnamon and fresh oregano. Spread the seeds across an oven pan or cookie tray and let them simmer for 30 minutes at 370 degrees, or until golden brown. Let the warming scent of vanilla, cinnamon and pumpkin drape over the kitchen in the morning, or rock you to sleep right before bed. Pumpkin seeds are warriors for our bodies, equipped with tons of protein, magnesium and plant-power known as phytosterols which are heart-healthy molecules related to your cholesterol.     

A pretty face glows bright at night, but it’s what’s inside that matters most!



October 03, 2016


Glowing health and beauty begins within, starting as a seed and sprouting to our fingertips. We have to train our minds to see the body as a temple; a special place that requires attention and devotion. You wouldn’t recite a mantra with haste. Equally, we shouldn’t slap a creamer on our faces as we rush into the office. Introduce the rituals of well-being, the sacraments of a sound mind and beauty throughout. The power to make smart decisions with beauty and wellness is buzzing in the palm of your hand, we simply find the lightning in the midst of a storm.

It should come as no surprise that a handful of beauty enhancers are hiding away somewhere in the kitchen, so let’s turn our attention to the absolute wonders of activated charcoal.

Charcoal is an organic residue that is derived from various sources like wood, coal, coconut shells or even bamboo, like our Charcoal+Aloe Cleanser. Stretching beyond its resurrected state, “activated” charcoal refers to the remains of the particle that are then steamed to formulate a very fine dust with a towering surface area. The end result is commonly used both internally and externally for different purposes.

Internally, activated charcoal works as a deep-cleaning champion, banishing the most intricate of toxins that hide in the crevices. A single gram of activated charcoal binds together a stockpile of harmful bacteria and rubbish, therefore making the extermination of such debris much easier. This includes any kind of digestive byproduct that may cause cramps or some style of discomfort. Additionally we’ve found that AC is a long-term teeth whitener, so give your mouth a swish n’ rinse after brushing.

Any and all of these fantastic benefits can be harvested in a single drink made in your kitchen. Below you can find a simple concoction to sip at home or take with you on the go.


*1-2 tsp. activated charcoal

*1 squeezed lemon

*a few drops of honey for flavor

*fill bottle or cup with filtered water

*stir, shake and sip!

There is a plethora of external uses to talk up too, first and foremost, AC is a go-to for exfoliating our skin. Exfoliation of dead skin cells is a refreshing and totally necessary procedure that plays a leading role in skin maintenance. Our bodies are constantly shedding old skin and lifting the newer layers. But sometimes, more often than not, the dead skin cells do not shed fast enough, causing a build up of old skin which could lead to break-outs and excess oil.

We can also utilize AC as a face mask, purifying the skin while simultaneously absorbing facial oils. Putting together a charcoal mask at home is fairly straight forward. A single pea-sized portion is all you need mixed with warm water and applied to a dry face. DIY face masks can get messy, in which case our Charcoal+Aloe Cleanser works more efficiently with less of a mess to clean up afterwards. This cleanser is a delicious contrast between the charcoal, which soaks up excess oils, and the aloe, which soothes and moisturizes our skin.




September 01, 2016


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