LBA Inspired Summer Cocktails

  • By Hannah Brown

Here at LBA, we believe wholeheartedly in the efficacy of all-natural ingredients. This means our products contain a wide variety of botanicals that are equally as good on your face as they are in your glass. It’s no wonder that the same ingredients that help to clarify, hydrate, and brighten your skin also taste really good in a cocktail. So, we decided to spotlight some of our favorite skincare ingredients and put them in a drink. Because, why not?

First up, chamomile. Chamomile is ultra-soothing for both your skin and your spirit. Topically, it’s a great anti-inflammatory to reduce redness, soothe damaged or broken-out skin and it’s a natural antiseptic that gently cleanses and helps protect your skin. Chamomile tea, of course, has long been used to ease anxiety and sleeplessness. This light chamomile, ginger, and whiskey cocktail is perfect for helping you calm down, cool off, and enjoy a sweltering summer afternoon outdoors.

Next, matcha. Matcha contains chlorophyll that gives the powder it’s rich green color and powerful antioxidant properties that detoxify and protect against free radicals in your skin. Mint is calming, soothing, and clarifying. Because it’s rich in Vitamin A, mint is great for helping to heal breakouts and clear up oily skin. It’s ultra-invigorating scent, coupled with the high caffeine content of matcha, makes this cocktail perfect for kicking off a long summer night.

It’s that hot and sticky, dead-of-summer time of year when all we really want to drink is a margarita. The lavender in this easy recipe gives this one a light, floral flavor that makes it feel a little bit fancier even though this recipe is so simple. Lavender is gentle, but its a powerhouse ingredient for your skin. Soothing, calming, and detoxifying, when used in skincare lavender helps to heal damaged complexions, increase circulation and keep your cells renewed.

Here's to a happy and restorative end to summer, full of self-care and self-love!

– Team LBA


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