Two ways to glow crazy this holiday season

little barn apothecary holiday kit gift set atlanta natural beauty skin care

With the stress of the holidays fast approaching, taking the time to take care of yourself and your skin becomes extra important. From dry patches to dark circles to stress breakouts, this time of year isn’t always the kindest to your skin. Our body holiday kits are designed specifically to help you combat that cold weather dryness and to give you an added boost of moisture to keep your skin healthy, radiant, and glowing like crazy for all your holiday parties.

little barn apothecary holiday gift atlanta natural skin care beauty

All three items in our “Glow For It” Kit can be used together to give you a simple, 3-step routine that can be completed in your shower. First, cleanse skin with the Sweetgrass + Lavender Soap Bar, an organic, gentle soap made for all over body cleansing with essential oils to create a soothing aroma to help you relax and unwind as you take a few minutes for yourself.

little barn apothecary body scrub atlanta natural skin care beauty

Once skin is cleansed, take a handful of the Jasmine + Geranium Polishing Body Scrub and gently massage into skin. This scrub uses pure, organic cane sugar and organic oils to exfoliate and reveal softer, more youthful skin. It is especially important not to skip exfoliation during the colder months as dry, dead skin can create a barrier on your body, blocking moisture and causing buildup. Use the scrub to buff away that barrier and deliver moisture right to where you need it. Rinse off  to reveal healthy, revitalized skin. 

Once stepping out of the shower, don’t dry off completely. Use a few pumps of the Honeysuckle + Grapefruit Body Oil on still damp skin to lock in that moisture without leaving you feeling greasy. This body oil is the perfect last step to finish off that glistening glow.

little barn apothecary holiday gift atlanta natural skin care beauty

The “Glow Get ‘Em” Kit gives you another easy, 3-step routine to help you achieve a healthy glow with different products and scent profiles. The Ginger + Rosemary Hand and Body Wash will cleanse your skin by creating a gentle, soft lather that detoxifies, deodorizes, and awakens with a deep and luxuriously herbaceous scent. This body wash is formulated with organic oils and filled with antiseptic, odor neutralizing, and skin detoxifying benefits. For exfoliation, use the Coffee + Mint Exfoliating Body Scrub over still damp skin. This scrub is packed full of antioxidants and caffeine to revive and firm your skin’s appearance while buffing away dead skin to help you achieve that healthy glow. Organic, fair trade coffee beans combine with coconut oil, cocoa butter, and Japanese mint oil to make using this nourishing scrub a richly aromatic experience.

little barn apothecary body oil atlanta natural skin care beauty

Lastly, finish off your routine with the Lavender + Labdanum Body Oil. When massaging into skin, take a few deep breathes and let the earthy labdanum and soothing lavender quiet your mind, calm your nerves, and elevate your perception—helping you achieve that perfect glow from within and without.




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