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Aura, face, body, and mind: balance them all. 

Inspired by the need to balance in an ever-changing fast-paced and often stressful environment we live in today. 

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Muhuhu + Clementine Body Wash

Lather up in this woodsy body wash for a grounding and cleansing experience for both your body and mind. Muhuhu (also known as sandalwood) gives this wash a rich, earthy, smooth and slightly sweet scent while it hydrates and balances the skin. Antioxidant-rich clementine is packed with folic acid, which has excellent anti-inflammatory properties and works to firm and tighten the skin while adding bright and energizing notes of citrus. Blended with antiseptic ylang ylang oil and gently hydrating aloe, you'll get clean, nourished skin with a soothing aromatic experience.

To use: Work into a creamy lather and apply it to wet skin. Rinse. 


Aloe + Rosewater Balance Mist 2 oz.

For an instant refresh, spritz this balancing mist a few times above your face and let it gently fall around you for a soothing aromatic experience that gives your skin an extra boost of nutrients. Formulated to balance pH post cleansing (as a precursor to face oils and serums) this mist can also be used to set makeup or for whenever your skin is in need of a little rejuvenation. Aloe Vera, hibiscus, witch hazel, and Turkish Rose hydrosol work together to nourish and tone all skin types.

To use: Gently mist over face and body post-cleansing or as desired.


Collect Anxiety Aromatherapy Roller Ball

Calming essential oil pulse point therapy for moments of anxiousness. It provides aromatherapeutic benefits known to relieve stress and anxiety. 

To use: Apply as often as desired to all pulse points. Breathe deeply. 


Lavender + Rosewood Air Water

The ultimate relaxation formula. Lavender is known to help reduce those feelings of anxiety, soothe a racing mind, and induce a night of peaceful, restful sleep. Rosewood gives this mist a calming, earthy scent and can help to reduce headaches due to its analgesic properties. Together, these two combine to form the perfect bedtime essence. Spritz over pillows and sheets right before bed and breathe in deep as you gently drift off.

To use: Spray in a sweeping motion into the air or onto fabric. 





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