D.S. & DURGA Spirit Lamp Pocket Perfume 10ML

$ 72.00

This sleek, take-anywhere fragrance from the curators of cool at D.S. & Durga unleashes a contrasting blend of hot metal against an open flame, fruit-infused water, milky heart notes and smooth, musky base.

  • Top: hot metal, peach water, petitgrain
  • Heart: white ginger, coconut milk
  • Base: radiant musk, bohea tea


Aldehyde c-14, aldehyde c-18, allyl caproate,almond oil - sweet, ambretone, ambrocenide 10% dpg, bergamot oil (low level bergaptene) pure & natural, coriander oil, pure & natural, cosmone,coumarin, cymene p, dipropylene glycol p.g.,e super iso (otne), ethylene brassylate, galaxolide '50' ipm (hhcb), geranyl acetate pure, ginger eo indonesia, grapefruit essential oil, habanolide, hedione, kohinool, linalool synthetic, linalyl acetate synthetic, lrg 1182 kaphalis, mandarin oil italian, pure & natural, methyl laitone 10% dpg, nerol prime, neryl acetate, octalactone gamma,orange oil distilled, oxathiane 2-methyl-4-propyl-1,3, petitgrain oil sa, pure & natural, pinene alpha, pinene p & f grade/beta,propyl myristate/iso (ipm), pulegone mercaptan, romanone flakes, scentenal, skatole, suederal lt, terpinene gamma

D.S. & DURGA Spirit Lamp Pocket Perfume 10ML

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