Mood Altering Bath Salts

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Mood Altering Bath Salts

A Collection of Soaking Essentials

Honeysuckle + Grapefruit Hypnotizing Bath Soak

Sun dried sea salts tumbled in pure mustard powder and arnica oil create a perfectly alkaline soaking experience. Mustard bath is said to aid in relaxation and purification of the body. Sprinkle into a warm bath and drift off to a state of hypnosis amongst the scent of fresh honeysuckle blossoms and a gentle fresh spritz of grapefruit. 

Relax, Purify, Drift Away.

Rosewood + Vetiver Magnetizing Bath Soak

Create a state of attraction. Sun dried sea salts mixed with pure magnesium chloride flakes and grounding vetiver help attract a state of peace and relaxation. The sensual and pacifying aroma of rosewood wrap you in a warm soothing cloche. Best used just before slumber. 

Unwind, Dream, Fall into Slumber. 

Sweet Fennel + Lemon Energizing Bath Soak

The perfect pick me up for a stressed body. Envelop your senses with uplifting citrus and thought boosting sweet fennel. The ideal soak for manifesting a creative mood, or focusing your thoughts. Sun dried salts remineralize your body while you float away with a gentle aromatic uplift. 

Soak, Remineralize, Feel the Buzz. 


To use: Sprinkle 2-4 oz of salt into warm bath water. soak for 15-20 minutes.


Honeysuckle + Grapefruit: Sun dried sea salts, brassica alba seed (mustard) powder, arnica Montana flower oil, essential oil blend. 

Rosewood + Vetiver: Sun dried sea salts, magnesium chloride flakes, aniba roseaedora wood oil (rosewood), vetiver zizanoides root oil (vetiver), centaurea cynus flower (cornflower)

Sweet Fennel + Lemon: Sun dried sea salts, foeniculum vulgar oil (sweet fennel), citrus limon (lemon) oil, echinacea purpurea flower, citrus limon peel. 

Mood Altering Bath Salts

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