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A moment; escape.

Inspired by the pause button, sometimes we all need a moment or an escape from it all. We've paired our best selling candle, balance mist, and bath soak hoping to manifest a moment for you to breathe deeply, know its all going to be okay, and it's perfectly fine to light a candle, mist your face, and soak. 

Valued at $112.00 if purchased separately! 

Version 19 Candle by Dwelling. 

The fresh-picked, broken stem of a dew-covered rose.  Burnt. Grey smoke with sweet oud, muted. Hedonic redolence but chaste. This is not a typical rose. This is rose. 

Coconut and soy wax, fragrance, cotton wick, hand-poured in a glass vessel. 

13.5 fl ounces

Aloe + Rosewater Balance Mist by Little Barn Apothecary

For an instant refresh, spritz this balancing mist a few times above your face and let it gently fall around you for a soothing aromatic experience that gives your skin an extra boost of nutrients. Formulated to balance pH post cleansing (as a precursor to face oils and serums) this mist can also be used to set makeup or for whenever your skin is in need of a little rejuvenation. Aloe Vera, hibiscus, witch hazel, and Turkish Rose hydrosol work together to nourish and tone all skin types.

To use: Gently mist over face and body post-cleansing or as desired.

Peppermint + Sea Salt Bath Soak

Strong, pungent, yet refreshing. It helps to dispel melancholy by reviving the spirit and restoring vitality and a positive outlook. 100% pure sun-dried Atlantic salts, montmorillonite clay, and peppermint. Formulated to create optimism and restore the spirit through aromatherapy.

To use: Add about one-quarter of the jar to warm bath. Soak. 


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