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Premium California White Sage is an herb that is used for its fragrance, purification properties (it is antiviral), and some believe it has the power to bless homes and its peoples and clear negative energies. 

Palo Santo, meaning "Holy Wood" is used for its cleansing and purifying properties the same way as White Sage. It is a wonderful, deeply aromatic wood with sweet, earthy notes. Its purpose is to purify and cleanse, and its smoke is believed by many to have healing and therapeutic powers. 

Cedar, also known for its aromatic properties and power to cleanse is best known for it's ability to attract good spirits and eliminate negative energy.

All work in their own separate aromatic way to cleanse and purify the air in a space, but become more powerful when used in tandem.

Our Smudge Bundles are about 4" in length and can be burned over and over again.

Palo Santo Smudge will Come with 4 sticks.


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