AN-Other WD/18

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Created to fully harness the power of the olfactory senses, this perfume utilizes the tranquil and nourishing qualities of sandalwood to enhance concentration and awaken intuition. An infusion of lush, effervescent pear at the top adds a distinct uplifting quality and an unmistakably modern appeal.


Top: Pear Sparkle / Cardamom Spice / Violet Leaves

Heart: Rich Orris / Cypress / Amyris

Base: Sandalwood / Blonde Cedar / Vetiver Madagascar


Ingredients are ethically sourced. Fragrances are created under the "Green Company" seal. Magnetic caps are made from a thermoset resin in a cradle to grave sustainable manufacturing process. 32% of the resin ingredients are plant-based and come from renewable sources.

Packaging is made from recycled cardboard and designed to eliminate the need for a secondary shipping box. Materials are sourced only from modern countries that respect the planet and the environment.

"Our planet is priceless. This is reflected in the materials we choose. We know where to buy cheap substitutes. We choose the environment first."

-A.N. Other

AN-Other WD/18

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